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HTS is dedicated to meet your specific training needs. We offer a superior training experience, on time and under budget.

Master Instructor -
Mike Cassady

Helicopter Training From Award Winning Instructors

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Helicopter Models

Bell 206B
Bell 206L
Bell 407
Bell 427
Bell 429
Bell 222
Bell 230
Bell 430
Bell 205
Bell 212
Bell UH-1
Bell Huey II
Sikorsky SK-76
Eurocopter 213
Eurocopter 216
Eurocopter 219
coming soon...
Eurocopter 350
Eurocopter 355
Hughes OH-6
Hughes 369/500
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Courses Offered

  • Transition Training
  • Refresher Training
  • Flight Only
  • Night Flight


His knowledge of helicopter systems and the ability to convey that information to his students has made him a valuable asset...
If I ran an aviation business or school I would want to staff it with pilots like Mike. He is level headed, smart, and hard working, just the kind of man any good business would like to have on it's staff.